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Restricting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Economic Implications for India
著 者 : Manish Gupta出版年 : 2006ISBN-10 : 8183870562 ISBN-13 : 9788183870566 出版社 : Serials Publications 1,521円

Les Emissions Sanguines Dans Le Traitement Curatif Et Preventif Des Acces Eclamptiques = Les A(c)Mis FRE-LES EMISSIONS SANGUINES DA (Sciences) [ Druesne-S-F-J ]

FREーLES EMISSIONS SANGUINES DA Sciences DruesneーSーFーJ LIGHTNING SOURCE INC2015 Paperback French ISBN:9782011944887 洋書 Computers & Science(コンピューター&科学) Medical 3,414円

Climate Justice and Historical Emissions【電子書籍】

<p>This volume investigates who can be considered responsible for historical emissions and their consequences, and how and why this should matter for the design of a just global climate policy. The authors discuss the underlying philosophical issues of responsibility for historical emissions, the unjust enrichment of the earlier developed nations, and questions of transitional justice. By bringing together a plurality of perspectives, both in terms of the theoretical understanding of the issues and the political perspectives on the problem, the book also presents the remaining disagreements and controversies in the debate. Providing a systematic introduction to the debate on historical emissions and climate change, this book provides an unbiased and authoritative guide for advanced students, researchers and policymakers in climate change justice and governance, and more widely, for anyone interested in the broader issues of global justice.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 8,851円

Economics of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in South AsiaOptions and Costs【電子書籍】[ Ram Manohar Shrestha ]

<p>Against a backdrop of increasing emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) that are responsible for global climate change, the South Asia developing member countries (DMCs) of the Asian Development Bank have been witnessing a steady rise in fossil fuels and energy consumption and demand, keeping pace with their economic growth. The region's major challenge is how to achieve sustained and rapid economic growth for reducing poverty while reducing the overall intensity of energy use, increasing energy efficiency, and substituting to cleaner energy. This report synthesizes the results of national studies on options and costs of reducing GHG emissions in five South Asia DMCs---Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. It examines the economics of cleaner technologies that promote low-carbon development and climate change mitigation, identifies constraints and barriers that reduce incentives to invest in GHG emission-reducing technologies, and recommends actions and enabling conditions to overcome the barriers.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 606円

Power Market Transformation: Reducing Emissions and Empowering Consumers POWER MARKET TRANSFORMATION (Energy Engineering) [ Barrie Murray ]

POWER MARKET TRANSFORMATION Energy Engineering Barrie Murray INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERING & T2018 Hardcover English ISBN:9781785614811 洋書 Computers & Science(コンピューター&科学) Technology 35,200円
Global Energy Strategies Living with Restricted Greenhouse Gas Emissions
著 者 : James C. White出版年 : 01-Jul-2013ISBN-10 : 1489912584 ISBN-13 : 9781489912589 出版社 : Unknows 15,665円

Bittersweet: Nocturnal Emissions【電子書籍】[ Alessia Brio ]

<p>A collection of Alessia Brio's diverse erotic & flash fiction. Many of the short stories collected here are also available as free downloads, and some also make an appearance in fine flickering hungers. There is previously unpublished material included, but it is only a fraction of the collection. This publication is primarily a herding of free stories into one corral.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 337円
Cool Companies How the Best Businesses Boost Profits and Productivity by Cutting Greenhouse-Gas Emissions
著 者 : Joseph J. Romm出版年 : 15-Jul-2006ISBN-10 : 1597261165 ISBN-13 : 9781597261166 出版社 : Island Press 5,383円
Decarbonising the World's Economy Assessing the Feasibility of Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
著 者 : Terry Barker, Douglas Crawford-Brown出版年 : Dec-2014ISBN-10 : 1783265116 ISBN-13 : 9781783265114 出版社 : Imperial College Press 18,887円
Anthropogenic Platinum-Group Element Emissions Their Impact on Man and Environment
著 者 : Fathi Zereini, Friedrich Alt出版年 : 2011ISBN-10 : 364264080X ISBN-13 : 9783642640803 出版社 : Springer-Verlag Telos 10,311円

Decarbonising the World's EconomyAssessing the Feasibility of Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions【電子書籍】[ Terry Barker ]

<p>Too often amongst policy makers and thought leaders an assumption is made that we must make a choice between tackling climate change and having a strong economy; tackling climate change and allowing poorer nations to develop; tackling climate change and having a secure energy system. However, a decade of advanced modelling tested against historical data has provided wide evidence that well-chosen policies can be implemented that avoid these apparent either/or choices.</p> <p>This highly interdisciplinary book provides an overview of potential pathways for the decarbonisation of the global economy. By examining the entire global economy, we show policy-makers and thought-leaders that greatly reducing the risks of climate change can be consistent with energy security, economic development in poor nations, and vibrant economies in already developed nations. Advanced models of the relationships between the economy, energy and climate change pioneered at the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR) over the past decade provides a sound evidence base for decisions. This book examines not only the impacts of policies, but also the feasibility of bringing them forward and the ways in which energy, climate and economic policies can and must be joined up if climate, energy and economic goals are to be met globally.</p> <p>Economists, physicists, engineers, policy analysts, environmental scientists, climate scientists, political analysts, lawyers and computational scientists are brought together for the first time to produce analyses that make up a unique approach to a global problem that must be addressed sooner rather than later.</p> <p><strong>Contents:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Introduction <em>(Terry Barker)</em></li> <li>The Case for Decarbonisation <em>(Douglas Crawford-Brown and Martin Sewell)</em></li> <li>Policies and Measures for Mitigating Climate Change <em>(Paul Haynes and Yongfu Huang)</em></li> <li>Scenario Design for a Global Low-carbon Economy <em>(Jun Li and Aleix Altimiras-Martin)</em></li> <li>Modelling Decarbonisation Scenarios <em>(Annela Anger, Terry Barker and Mark Syddall)</em></li> <li>The Economic Feasibility of Policies for Decarbonisation <em>(Terry Barker, Annela Anger and Hector Pollitt)</em></li> <li>Feasibility of Decarbonisation from a Technology Perspective <em>(J-F Mercure and Pablo Salas)</em></li> <li>Feasibility of Reducing Emissions by End-use Sector <em>(Scott Kelly, Andrew Skelton and Aleix Altimiras-Martin)</em></li> <li>From Theory to Practice: Climate Policy and Political Feasibility <em>(Sonja Klinsky and Michael Grubb)</em></li> <li>Co-impacts of a Decarbonised Economy <em>(Douglas Crawford-Brown and Ann Thompson)</em></li> <li>Conclusions <em>(Terry Barker)</em></li> </ul> <p><strong>Readership:</strong> Academics and policy makers interested in forming policies that target energy, climate and economic issues.<br /> <strong>Key Features:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Conclusions are based on a decade of developing some of the most advanced models of links between energy, economic and environmental issues</li> <li>Examines the entire global economy, showing how policies and actions in any one nation influence behaviours in other nations</li> <li>Highly interdisciplinary content, with analyses produced by economists, physicists, engineers, policy analysts, environmental scientists, climate scientists, political analysts, lawyers and computational scientists</li> </ul>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 5,056円

Cool CompaniesHow The Best Businesses BoProfits And Productivity By Cutting Greenhouse-Gas Emissions【電子書籍】[ Joseph J. Romm ]

<p>Despite ongoing negotiations, consensus has not yet been reached on what action will be taken to combat global warming. A number of companies have looked beyond the currstalemate to see the prospect of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions not as a roadblock to growth and innovation but as a unique opportunity to increase profits and productivity. These "cool" companies understand the strategic importance of reducing heat-trapping emissions and have worked to cut their emissions by fifty percor more. In the process, they have not only reduced their energy bill, but have increased their productivity, sometimes dramatically. </p> <p>In <em>Cool Companies</em>, energy expert Joseph Romm describes the experiences of these remarkable firms, as he presents more than fifty case studies in which bottom line improvements have been achieved by improving processes, increasing energy efficiency, and adopting new technologies. Romm places efforts to reduce emissions in the context of proven corporate strategies, showing managers how they can build or retrofit their operations with the latest technologies to reduce emissions and achieve quick returns on the investment. Case studies illustrate the concept of "lean production" and why systematic efforts to reduce emissions so often lead to productivity gains; explain how changes in office and building design can significantly increase productivity; presoptions for "cool" power -- from cogeneration to solar, wind, and geothermal energy; and explain energy efficiency in manufacturing. </p> <p>In profiling successful companies such as DuPont, 3M, Compaq, Xerox, Toyota, Verifone, Perkin-Elmer, and Centerplex, among many others, <em>Cool Companies</em> turns on its head the notion that the effort to combat global warming will come with massive costs to the industrial sector. It is a unique and essential business book for anyone concerned with increasing profits and productivity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 5,352円

Les missions Sanguines, Les Toniques Et Les Antiphlogistiques, FRE-LES EMISSIONS SANGUINES LE (Sciences) [ Jougla-J ]

FREーLES EMISSIONS SANGUINES LE Sciences JouglaーJ HACHETTE LIVRE2018 Paperback French ISBN:9782019583996 洋書 Computers & Science(コンピューター&科学) Medical 2,956円

Emissions of Hypocrisy【中古】

JAN/EAN0782388073424著者/アーティストメーカー名Metropolis Recordsコンディジョン【中古USED-非常に良い】状態は概ね良好です。日本にて検品いたしますが中古品の為多少の使用感、カバー・ブックレットの日焼け、カバーの傷、刷れ、汚れなどある場合がございます。 その他・ご注文についてのご注意点はこちら配送についてご注文より通常10日から20日前後お時間を頂戴しております。海外の配送事故・遅延などにより稀に30日前後お時間を頂戴する場合が御座います。※配送途中でトラブルが発生した場合は速やかにお客様にご連絡させて頂きます。 発送通知連絡については海外からの発送が完了次第、通知させて頂き国内配送拠点より発送の際は別途メールにで発送のご連絡をさせて頂きます。 4,398円

Towards Low Carbon Cities in ChinaUrban Form and Greenhouse Gas Emissions【電子書籍】

<p>This book explores the relationship between urban form and greenhouse gas emissions in China, providing new insights for policy, urban planning and management.</p> <p>Drawing on the results of a four-year multidisciplinary research project, the book examines how factors such as urban households’ access to services and jobs, land use mixes and provision of public transport impact on greenhouse gas emissions. The authors analyse data from a wide range of sources including 4677 sample households from four major Chinese cities ? Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Xi’an ? with diverse locations, urban spatial structures and population sizes. The book explores residents’ attitudes to reducing GHG emissions and advances knowledge relating to three environmental scales ? cross-metropolitan, intra-city and neighbourhood level. It also contributes to debates on low carbon policy by revealing the relevance of urban planning parameters at both the macro and micro levels.</p> <p>The book will be of interest to scholars in the areas of urban planning, urban management, environmental sustainability and resource utilisation, as well as urban policy makers and planners who are working toward developing low carbon, sustainable cities of the future.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 4,709円

SALE!OFF!新品DVD+Blu-ray![サーフィン] 名作!GLOBE Surfing DVD 2 DVDs Pack (SECRET MACHINE / New Emissions of Light and Sound) !

GLOBE Surfing DVD 2 DVDs Pack (SECRET MACHINE / New Emissions of Light and Sound) [ US / GLOBE / DVD2本 ] 新品/定価5200円(+税)の商品です。 GLOBE所属サーファーたちのライディングと、音楽のコラボレーション!! 2006年にGLOBEが制作した「SECRET MACHINE」と、2007年に制作した「New Emissions of Light and Sound」という2作品が、1つのセットとなって再リリース!! 2006年のX-DANCE FILMS FESTIVALのベスト・コア・フィルムとベスト・エディティングにノミネートされる他、SURFER POLL AWARDSでBEST CINEMATOGRAPHYを受賞し、当時、音楽を軸にした構成など、ライディングに加えて斬新な試みが大きな話題となった「SECRET MACHINE」と、DJ SASHAを音楽パートナーにして、GLOBE所属サーファー達の個性あるライディング映像がメローに展開され話題となった「New Emissions of Light and Sound」のお得な2DVDセット!! 出演ライダー:SSECRET MACHINE:CJ and DAMIEN HOBGOOD, TAJ BURROW, NATHAN WEBSTER, OCCY, YADIN NICOL and the rest of the Globe surf team New Emissions of Light and Sound:TAJ BURROW、CJ HOBGOOD、DAMIEN HOBGOOD、YADIN NICOL、NATHAN WEBSTER 本編:約49分、及び本編:約37分  *輸入版につき、日本語字幕はございません。  5,144円

エンジン エアー Intake Manifold w/Gasket リプレイスメント for 10-12 Nissan Sentra 2.0L CA Emissions 14001ZT60A (海外取寄せ品)

サイズ サイズ:27 x 52 x 52 cm 重さ 重さ:3039g 商品説明 Engine Air Intake Manifold w/Gasket Replacement for 10-12 Nissan Sentra 2.0L CA Emissions 14001ZT60A 注意事項 *万が一お届けした商品に不具合など御座いましたらご連絡ください *海外お取り寄せ商品ですので、輸送中に若干の箱の潰れやキズなどが生じる恐れがあります *ご注文後のサイズ変更やキャンセルはお受け致しかねますので、ご了承ください *パッケージや説明書などは基本的に英語表記となっております *商品が電化製品の場合、基本的には電圧などは海外仕様となっておりますのでご留意ください *システムエラーにより正しい価格が表示されていない場合にはご注文をキャンセルさせて頂く事も御座いますのでご了承ください *本製品をご使用により万が一、機械本体に支障が出た場合でも機械本体の修理費用負担はいたしません。 ご心配な方は、純正品をご使用ください。 *本商品が無線機器である場合、電波法令で定められている技術基準に適合していることを証明する技適マークが貼付されていない無線機器であり、日本国内で使用する場合は、電波法違反になる恐れがございます。ご使用の際には、十分ご注意下さいますようお願いいたします。詳しくは、最寄りの総務省総合通信局へお問い合わせ下さい。 配送について こちらの商品は海外からのお取り寄せ商品となっておりますので、お客様の元へお届けするまでに通常ですと2〜4週間程お時間を頂いております。 ご注文後の 在庫確認について 在庫状況は常に更新しておりますが、ネットワークの問題や注文の集中により在庫切れとなってしまう場合が御座います。 ご注文後、在庫確認の上、受注確認メールにてご連絡させて頂きますので、ご了承ください。『エンジン エアー Intake Manifold w/Gasket リプレイスメント for 10-12 Nissan Sentra 2.0L CA Emissions 14001ZT60A (海外取寄せ品)』 27,480円
Emissions of Atmospheric Trace Compounds
著 者 : Claire Granier, P. Artaxo, Claire E. Reeves出版年 : 18-Dec-2010ISBN-10 : 9048166055 ISBN-13 : 9789048166053 出版社 : Springer 43,903円

Farm DigestersAnaerobic digesters produce clean renewable biogas, and reduce greenhouse emissions, water pollution and dependence on artificial fertilizers【電子書籍】[ Jonathan Letcher ]

<p>As well as producing commercially valuable biogas, anaerobic farm digesters have many other benefits. They enable the livestock farmer to recycle fertilizer from organic waste, to produce saleable compost as a byproduct, and reduce the environmental impact on water and atmosphere at the same time. Digesters let us run farms more economically, and make our energy supplies and our food production more sustainable.. This straight-forward book provides a wealth of useful information, including the benefits of using a digester, how to go about installing one and how policy makers can influence a farm digester programme.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 1,903円

The Korea Emissions Trading SchemeChallenges and Emerging Opportunities【電子書籍】[ Asian Development Bank ]

<p>This publication presents a factual overview of the design and implementation of the Korea Emissions Trading Scheme, focusing on lessons from its implementation and opportunities under the Paris Agreement. It provides information to assist other countries that are designing or considering an emissions trading system. The contents are relevant as Asia and the Pacific embraces the need for climate action to deliver on its Paris Agreement commitments and many countries explore new emissions trading systems.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 606円

New Trends in Coal ConversionCombustion, Gasification, Emissions, and Coking【電子書籍】

<p><em>New Trends in Coal Conversion: Combustion, Gasification, Emissions, and Coking</em> covers the latest advancements in coal utilization, including coal conversion processes and mitigation of environmental impacts, providing an up-to-date source of information for a cleaner and more environmentally friendly use of coal, with a particular emphasis on the two biggest users of coalーutilities and the steel industry. Coverage includes recent advances in combustion co-firing, gasification, and on the minimization of trace element and CO2 emissions that is ideal for plant engineers, researchers, and quality control engineers in electric utilities and steelmaking.</p> <p>Other sections cover new advances in clean coal technologies for the steel industry, technological advances in conventional by-products, the heat-recovery/non-recovering cokemaking process, and the increasing use of low-quality coals in coking blends. Readers will learn how to make more effective use of coal resources, deliver higher productivity, save energy and reduce the environmental impact of their coal utilization.</p> <ul> <li>Provides the current state-of-the-art and ongoing activities within coal conversion processes, with an emphasis on emerging technologies for the reduction of CO2 and trace elements</li> <li>Discusses innovations in cokemaking for improved efficiency, energy savings and reduced environmental impact</li> <li>Include case studies and examples throughout the book</li> </ul>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 19,773円

Accounting for CarbonMonitoring, Reporting and Verifying Emissions in the Climate Economy【電子書籍】

<p>The ability to accurately monitor, record, report and verify greenhouse gas emissions is the cornerstone of any effective policy to mitigate climate change. Accounting for Carbon provides the first authoritative overview of the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of emissions from the industrial site, project and company level to the regional and national level. It describes the MRV procedures in place in more than fifteen of the most important policy frameworks - such as emissions trading systems in Europe, Australia, California and China, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - and compares them along key criteria such as scope, cost, uncertainty and flexibility. This book draws on the work of engineers and economists to provide a practical guide to help government and non-governmental policymakers and key stakeholders in industry to better understand different MRV requirements, the key trade-offs faced by regulators and the choices made by up-and-running carbon pricing initiatives.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 9,612円

Pricing CarbonThe European Union Emissions Trading Scheme【電子書籍】[ A. Denny Ellerman ]

<p>The European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is the world's largest market for carbon and the most significant multinational initiative ever taken to mobilize markets to protect the environment. It will be an important influence on the development and implementation of trading schemes in the US, Japan, and elsewhere. However, as is true of any pioneering public policy experiment, this scheme has generated much controversy. Pricing Carbon provides the first detailed description and analysis of the EU ETS, focusing on the first 'trial' period of the scheme (2005?7). Written by an international team of experts, it allows readers to get behind the headlines and come to a better understanding of what was done and what happened based on a dispassionate, empirically based review of the evidence. This book should be read by anyone who wants to know what happens when emissions are capped, traded, and priced.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 6,185円

Emissions Trading and WTO LawA Global Analysis【電子書籍】[ Felicity Deane ]

Emissions Trading and WTO Law examines the global trade issues that arise as a result of the introduction of emissions trading frameworks. The book focusses specifically on the rules of the WTO, as a tool to demonstrate where the boundaries exist for acceptable interference with international trade. In doing so, Felicity Deane addresses the thorny issue of the potential global impact of emissions trading frameworks.画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 4,759円

Emissions of Atmospheric Trace Compounds【電子書籍】

<p>This book grows out of a 2001 workshop on "Emission of Chemical Species and Aerosols into the Atmosphere." The contents deal with inventories of emissions related to anthropogenic emissions or biomass burning; emissions from vegetation and soils; emissions of mineral and sea-salt aerosols; and emissions of sulphur compounds from the oceans. Concluding chapters show how atmospheric observations have been used to improve our knowledge of emissions.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 41,630円

Above Lunar Emissions【中古】

JAN/EAN0616172102727著者/アーティストメーカー名Initialコンディジョン【中古USED-非常に良い】状態は概ね良好です。日本にて検品いたしますが中古品の為多少の使用感、カバー・ブックレットの日焼け、カバーの傷、刷れ、汚れなどある場合がございます。 その他・ご注文についてのご注意点はこちら配送についてご注文より通常10日から20日前後お時間を頂戴しております。海外の配送事故・遅延などにより稀に30日前後お時間を頂戴する場合が御座います。※配送途中でトラブルが発生した場合は速やかにお客様にご連絡させて頂きます。 発送通知連絡については海外からの発送が完了次第、通知させて頂き国内配送拠点より発送の際は別途メールにで発送のご連絡をさせて頂きます。 3,495円

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Improving Air QualityTwo Interrelated Global Challenges【電子書籍】[ Larry E. Erickson ]

<p>The world’s atmosphere is a common resource. Air quality, along with energy, transportation, and climate change have significant impacts on our lives and this book helps readers understand the changes happening at the nexus of these areas, as they relate to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. Discussing the transitions to electric vehicles, solar and wind energy for electricity generation, battery developments, smart grids and electric power management, and progress in the electrification of agricultural technology, it also provides the latest information in the context of the United Nations sustainable development goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.</p> <p>Features:</p> <ul> <li></li> <li>Includes content on how to improve urban air quality in large cities and urban environments.</li> <li></li> <li></li> <li>Effectively addresses the nexus of energy, transportation, air quality, climate change and health.</li> <li></li> <li></li> <li>Discusses innovative concepts at the nexus of renewable energy, smart grid, electric vehicles, and electric power management.</li> <li></li> <li></li> <li>Describes recent progress in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.</li> <li></li> <li></li> <li>Written for a wide audience by world experts in sustainability.</li> <li></li> </ul> <p><em><strong>Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission and Improving Air Quality: Two Interrelated Global Challenges</strong></em>, is an invaluable book for professionals and academics at the center of changes relating to solar and wind energy, electric vehicles, and charging infrastructure, including government officials, community leaders, researchers, students, and interested citizens. It is also an excellent text for classes that address sustainability, particularly for those focused on transportation and energy.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 5,495円
Methane Emissions from Major Rice Ecosystems in Asia
著 者 : Reiner Wassmann出版年 : 2001ISBN-10 : 0792367596 ISBN-13 : 9780792367598 出版社 : Springer 19,269円

Emissions Trading SchemesMarkets, States and Law【電子書籍】[ Dr Sanja Bogojevic ]

<p>Over the last four decades emissions trading has enjoyed a high profile in environmental law scholarship and in environmental law and policy. Much of the discussion is promotional, preferring emissions trading above other regulatory strategies without, however, engaging with legal complexities embedded in conceptualising, scrutinising and managing emissions trading regimes. The combined effect of these debates is to create a perception that emissions trading is a straightforward regulatory strategy, imposable across various jurisdictions and environmental settings. This book shows that this view is problematic for at least two reasons. First, emissions trading responds to distinct environmental and non-environmental goals, including creating profit-centres, substituting bureaucratic control of resources, and ensuring regulatory compliance. This is important, as the particular purpose entrusted to a given emissions trading regime has, as its corollary, a particular governance structure, according to which the regime may be constructed and managed, and which trusts the emissions market, the state and rights in emissions allowances with distinct roles. Second, the governance structures of emissions trading regimes are culture-specific, which is a significant reminder of the importance of law in understanding not only how emissions trading schemes function but also what meaning is given to them as regulatory strategies. This is shown by deconstructing emissions trading discourses: that is, by inquiring into the assumptions about emissions trading, as featuring in emissions trading scholarship and in debates involving law and policymakers and the judiciary at the EU level. Ultimately, this book makes a strong argument for reconfiguring the common understanding of emissions trading schemes as regulatory strategies, and sets out a framework for analysis to sustain that reconfiguration.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 8,645円

The Institute of Energy's Second International Conference on COMBUSTION & EMISSIONS CONTROLProceedings of The Institute of Energy Conference Held in London, UK, on 4-5 December 1995【電子書籍】[ The Institute of Energy ]

<p>The Institute of Energy's Second International Conference on Combustion & Emissions Control presents the proceedings of The Institute of Energy Conference held in London, UK, on December 4-5 1995. The book, divided into seven parts, covers papers on combustion and emission control, energy from waste and biofuels, mathematical modeling for industries, and the plant performance of combustors. The text describes industrial burners and furnaces, advanced power generation, and internal combustion engines as well. The concept of on-board fuel reforming; the conventional and novel methods for particulates; and turbo-compounding schemes and engines are also considered. Combustion and gas engineers will find the book invaluable.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。 7,213円